The Womb Mates Episode 119- The Kingdom of Skulls Welcomes You with Ray Wegner!!!

October 5, 2017

We welcome to the show our Chicago brother, Ray Wegner!!! He has a Kickstarter for his epic tale, Kingdom of Skulls which got funded in less than a DAY!!! He's a great artist and storyteller and we got to pop his podcast cherry. Go fund it and see what we're talking about. We love this guy! As always...enjoy!


The Womb Mates Episode 118- Cake…It’s What’s For Dinner!!!

July 12, 2017

We kick back and talk about a bunch of comics we've been reading, Kickstarters that we're stoked about, Cons we went to and Artists we love! As always... enjoy!


King Bone Press release schedule-

Kill the Minotaur #1-

Hellboy:Into the Silent Sea-

Godshaper #1-

Batman and Turtles volume 1-

X-Men Blue #1-

David Mamet: On Directing Film


Top 5 up and coming artists!



The Womb Mates Episode 117- Books,Books, We Like Books!!!

July 5, 2017

We sit back and talk about a ton of comics, answer a question from the River Bend King himself, and cover some news! As always...enjoy!


Manhatten Projects Volume 1 HC


Dept. H Volume 1 HC



Space Rider

He-Man- E3 Disappearing Act

Lucha Underground


The Womb Mates Episode 116- SPACE 2017!!!

June 8, 2017

We recap SPACE Con and have our first panel from there with Joseph Morris (@torcpress on Twitter).


I say goodbye to Sean Fagan, my friend, my collaborator and someone who always pushed me to become better.


You'll be missed, my brother.


The Womb Mates Episode 115- Mira Mortal is the best!!!

May 14, 2017

We welcome to the show, Mira Mortal (@mortalcoil on Twitter) to talk about her new comic book Made Up: Zombie Clown Circus!!! It's a fantastic comic that is none stop action and with beautiful water colored by John Rodriguez (@JarOFComics on Twitter). We talk about her process doing comics, her other works and TACOS!!! I wrote a review of the comic on my Tumblr page at therealthunderduck so please check it out! As always...enjoy!!!


The Womb Mates Episode 114-The Womb Mate Challenge!!!

February 25, 2017

We sit back and talk about Kickstarter, answer a question, talk comics and dive deep into some He-Man!

As always...enjoy!!!

Kamandi Challenge-

Athena Voltair-


Cursed Words #1-

He-Man- Episode 2- The Shaping Staff-

SoulBoxer Old Fashion Mix-

A Series of Unfortunate Events-


The Womb Mates Episode 113-The Modern Animal Himself…DNS!!!

February 14, 2017

We welcome DNS (@portless on Twiiter) to talk about his Kickstarter to Modern Animals!!! He has leveled up on art and has never looked better!

As always...enjoy!!!


The Womb Mates Episode 112- Kickstart My Heart Jon Westhoff!!!

February 9, 2017

We welcome Jon Westhoff of King Bone Press to talk about their Kickstarter for all 4 of their beautiful trades for 2017!!! Jump on it. They have been indie comics bright shining stars with quality comics and great creators!

As always...enjoy!













The Womb Mates Episode 111- Womb Mates and the Masters of Comics!!!

January 28, 2017

We talk about a ton of comics, cigars and He-Man!!!

-Sharknife by Corey Lewis

-Table Titans by Scott Kurtz and Steve Hamaker

-Golgo 13 by Takao Saito

-Heck by Zander Cannon

-He-Man cartoon Episode 1- The Cosmic Comet

-Java Latte Cigars by Drew Estate

-The First Kingdom by Jack Katz

As always...enjoy!!!


The Womb Mates Episode 110- Comics Galore!!!

January 21, 2017

We talk about a TON of comics in this episode along with some He-Man love!!!

-Poppy- Matt Kindt and Brian Hurtt

-Blackhand Comics by Wes Craig

-American Blood- Ben Mara

-The Spire- Si Spurrier and Jeff Stokely

-How to Talk to Girls at Parties- Neil Gaiman


-King Bone Presents #4-6- Jon Westhoff, Bobgar Ornelas, Dave Jordan and John Karnes

-Appetites a Cookbook by Anthony Bourdain


And more!!! As always...enjoy!!!